House Of Justice


House of Justice (HOJ) founded and owned by Mr. Khalfan Al Kaabi, is one of the prominent law firm in the UAE, serving the community since 2003.

Our success is our highly motivated and dedicated team, lead by a man with unique vision and exceptional qualities, Mr. Khalfan Al Kaabi. Our in-depth expertise and understanding of UAE laws has enabled us to provide the most efficient and practical legal solution to our Clients. We at HOJ, has a unique blend of multi-lingual and multi-national lawyers, serving the clients with great devotion and loyalty.

We have the vast experience in Project Finance, Construction & Engineering, Corporate & Commercial, Property, Banking & Finance, Employment, Dispute Resolution, Transport, Telecommunication
& Media, etc,. Moreover, we act as a trusted legal advisor to various governmental and quasi-governmental authorities in the UAE.

The safe hands you can always trust with:

We think in a different way and we do it better. We consider our client's
are very special to us. Our commitment is absolute and our success is the long lasting relationship with the client's. Our ability to come up with the tailor made legal solution makes us unique and exceptional.

Our priority is our client and we always serve our client with great care
and passion. We stood close to them in every instance and gained trust in providing the practical and cost efficient legal solutions at all time.


Our ability to handle large and complex cases in a flexible, cost-effective and time-saving manner is our strength. We offer special attention to every case and the team to work in each case is chosen by the Partners, based on the nature of the case and the expertise and knowledge required to meet the unique challenges in each case.

We examine the case in detail, conduct in-depth legal researches and provide the client's with the best and practical legal solutions, so that they can make the right decisions at the right time.

About Us


Advocate Khalfan Ghanim Al Kaabi 
CEO and Owner

Khalfan Al Kaabi is the Founder and the Managing Partner of HOJ. Being graduated from the Police College and worked as a senior officer within the UAE Ministry of Interiors, he handled several legal positions, reaching the rank of Captain. Having become familiar with governmental work and ethos, he finished his Bachelor of Laws degree and started to practice law. Mr. Al Kaabi is recognized as a leading lawyer in the UAE and handled several complex litigation and arbitration cases. Thanks to his unrivaled experience dealing with an extensive variety of cases including litigation in Commercial, Employment, Banking, Transport, Insurance, Construction, IP, Criminal Cases, Real Estate etc. ADR team headed by Mr. Al Kaabi is considered as one of the leading arbitration practice in the region.

Professional Summary:

  • Diploma in Police and Legal Sciences (1988) Abu Dhabi Police Academy.

  • Bachelor Degree in Law (1990) Abu Dhabi Police Academy. 

  • Three certificates from the UAE College of Law. (completed 3 separate courses on International Arbitration)

  • Certificate of Judicial Technical Investigation from the French Ministry of Interior, France.

  • Certificate of Civil Catastrophe and Casualty Administration from the Institute of Criminal Science, UAE Ministry of Interior.

  • Member of the UAE Lawyers Society.

  • Egyptian Arbitration Chamber.

  • Arabic Gulf Arbitration Center.

  • Ain Shams Arbitration Center (Egypt).

  • Certificate of Intellectual Property Law from the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) from the Arab Regional Conference.

  • Courses of development of skills in Price leadership from U.K., advanced level.

  • Certificate from Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre.

  • Certificate of distinguished service from the Head of State, Sheikh Zayed Al Nayhan.

Our Team



Mr. Shamjeed Nayan Veedu

Legal Consultant

Mr. Salah Saad Gawish

Legal Consultant

Mr. Ashour Mohamed Aly

Legal Consultant

Mr. Hussien Fahmy Nabou

Legal Researcher

Mr. Meeki Hassan Omar

Legal Researcher

Mr. Hassan Kamal Elraei


Ms. Roba Alsharif